Small-Batch, Artisan, Handcrafted, Barrel Aged, Balsamic vinegars & Dressings

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We handshake and bottle every flavor-ONE GALLON AT A TIME.

Dark Balsamic Vinegars

We import “A”-grade balsamic. It is considered the best, oldest, sweetest and thickest in the industry. Trebbiano or Lambrusco grapes are used to make this type of balsamic vinegar. The juice from these grapes is aged in wooden barrels for 12 to 18 years to develop its unique flavor. Traditional balsamic vinegars are the highest grade available. We import the dark vinegar that we use to make our gourmet products from.

White Balsamic Vinegars

We offer an “A”-Grade White balsamic vinegar. Made from Trebbiano grapes, this is one of the best White balsamics we have ever found. It is also possibly the sweetest, oldest and thickest. It is delicately acidic and deliciously sweet. Our white balsamic is a step ahead of our competition and what we use to produce all of our white balsamic-based products.

Oil & Vinegar Dressings

I started my first company with an oil and vinegar dressing, but back then we called it a bread-dipper. Back in 1997 I didn’t even consider more recipes.These dressings can be used for salads, bread-dipping, sautéing, drizzling over veggies, kabobs or potatoes. Each item on our shop page will have a little blurb about a few things to do with our products. All of us need inspiration every now and then.

Garlic Marinades

The perfect recipes for breaking down the muscle in whatever meat you are wanting to tenderize. We sell one for red meat and one for white meat. The herbs are perfect. I mean, who doesn’t like rosemary with your red meat? Or, sage with your chicken.These products have correct acid, perfect herb-pairing and over a half pounds worth of garlic in very bottle (we thought a pound was too much), lol. Anyhow, we hope you really enjoy these marinades!


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Hello everybody, and thank you for visiting our brand new website! We appreciate your valued business and continued support as we look forward to a very positive and promising Holiday season now that we have worked out a few kinks. Please visit us on our facebook page to stay informed of all of our deals, promotions and new products. Please feel free to reach out to us via email for any questions, concerns or lauds that you would like to pass along. As always, thank you and Happy Cooking! ~John and Jacque

  • All of our products are blended and hand shaken one gallon at a time.

  • Real people making real recipes using real wholesome ingredients. It doesn't get any better.

  • From our kitchen to yours.

  • We stand behind our products.


The proprietors of Gianni's Fine Foods, a company specializing in barrel-aged balsamic vinegars, vinagerettes, dressings, bread dippers and more.

John and Jackie Spenger

John has partnered with his real-life partner, Jackie Spenger. Jackie’s back of the house experience combined with John’s sales and marketing, make Gianni’s the strongest and creative brand of oils and vinegars ever launched.

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