December 31, 2018

Become A Distributor

M: 541) 805-9038, Email: [email protected] or, Application

Regional & statewide • Distributor applications now being accepted to resell GIANNI”S FINE FOODS products at retail-direct shows, festivals, fairs, home shows, etc.

• Full training provided.

• No previous selling experience required.

• Minimal investment required (for show rents/deposits, opening order, and equipment)

For the first time in 8 years since we started GIANNI”S we are currently allowing applicants to apply for wholesale distributor Stateline-to-Stateline contracts for the states/regions of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and all other states including all Midwestern states and eastern states. John has 21 years’ experience and was the first person to sell a bread-dipper in the Unites States in a retail fashion in 1996. This is John’s second company. This time, he was smart-he brought his wife on board. :0) Full training provided. Some sales experience suggested. General distributorships as well as Master Distributor contracts for sale, also (That is where you could buy all the available contracts up for the whole state or even the whole region and then get people to sell for you under you) Our goal is to make you successful and to show you how to work shows and get people signed up under you to make residual, lifetime income. FOB Island City, Oregon 97850

Amount of contracts available is based on population of the state. One distributor+/- per 1 Million people +/-

We use show websites (one in particular: to find the work. Below are the number of shows available per state just from that one site. John has 21 years’ experience doing shows and was the first person to sell the the first bread-dipper retail in the United States in 1997. He can train you in all aspects of this retail and also wholesale business. You will be allowed to have your own website as well as reach out to wholesale accounts in your region.

Arizona: 585 Shows annually New

New Mexico: 212 Shows annually

Utah: 166 Shows annually

(We use as our show source)

We specialize in teaching you how to work retail-direct shows like festivals, home shows, street fairs, county and state fairs, women’s shows, art and wine festivals as well as weekend work like farmers markets and holiday harvest festivals and shows. There are over 33,000 shows nationwide to work. John will teach you how to pick the best work.

Please give us a call, email, or fill out a distributor application!

M: 541) 805-9038, Email: [email protected] or, Application