October 19, 2016



Q: Did you come up with these recipes yourself or did you have help?

A: John created the very first recipe back in 1995 while working at Scala’s Bistro in San Francisco. The original bread-dipping recipe was called Bistro Oil and was the very first bread-dipper ever sold retail-direct at a farmer’s market in the United States.



A: No, none of our products ever need to be put in the fridge, however, the Liquid Pesto is a recipe that we suggest you put in the fridge not for the cheese in the recipe, but to insure that you are easily able to shake the recipe therefore maintaining the same recipe you sampled at the farmers market or show.


Q:Shelf Life?

A: Our dressings our never more than one month old due to us not wanting to stockpile inventory therefore taking a chance at selling you old product. Therefore, all of our oil-based products will last the obligatory 6 months to one year from date of purchase year while their counterpart, the non-oil products will last indefinitely.

Q:Do you make your products?

A: As a matter of fact we do. John bottles every bottle himself now that we have regrouped and re-crafted our business model. In addition to doing all the bottling ourselves, John is also the creator of all 32 recipes (except for several that were crafted by an old friend in the business, Brian Wichbracht.)


Q:Do you make your own balsamic?

A: No, we do not. But then again, nor does anyone else in the US. All the commercially made balsamic vinegars come from Italy. There are several small wineries or companies in the US that have a 1-year old or a 2-year old balsamic, but these are not products I would want to put into my body. The experience is just too rough with cheap, young balsamics. That’s why I happily import our A-Grade balsamic to use in all of our products.

Q:Where are you from?

A:John is originally from the East San Francisco/Bay Area. El Cerrito to be exact. Jackie is originally from the beautiful mountain town of Joseph, Oregon.

Q:Do you have recipes?

A:Please see below…they are also short ideas on every label of each product.

Q:Where are the products bottled and by whom?

A:We are currently using rental kitchens, between Yakima, Washington and La Grande, Oregon. Since we no longer use employees, John does all the bottling himself.